Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian - Diagnostic Radiology - Brooklyn, new-york

Dr. Abajian is Brooklyn’s one of the most reputed Diagnostic Radiology specialist with 8 years of experience in his field. He is affiliated with Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc and working in a group of other 23 clinicians. Dr. Aaron obtained its degree in Diagnostic Radiology from Other in the year 2017 with excellent grades. He is currently practicing at 121 Dekalb Ave in Brooklyn city. Doctor has been awarded more than 10 times for excellent work in Diagnostic Radiology field. He accepts patients and appointments in the office under BROOKLYN HOSPITAL RADIOLOGY PC Organization.

Identification of Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian

  • Clinician Diagnostic Radiology Unique NPI ID assigned by NPPES - #1942732300
  • Dr. Aaron Unique individual clinician ID assigned by PECOS - #9032582887
  • ID for the clinician enrollment - #I20230227001973
  • Experience in Diagnostic Radiology Field - 7 Years.
  • Graduation Year - 2017
  • Dr. Abajian’s Graduation Institute - Other

Address and Locations

Dr. Aaron is a well-known Diagnostic Radiology specialist in Brooklyn, new-york. Dr.’s office in Brooklyn is at 121 Dekalb Ave. All other Organizations or Hospitals in other states and cities to which Dr. Abajian is affiliated or was affiliated are listed Below along with their addresses.

  • Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc : Brooklyn, new-york - 121 Dekalb Ave ZIP:112015425

Dr. Aaron Phone Number and Email

This Phone number and email of Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian is provided By Medicare and the contact is Managed by - Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc in Brooklyn at practice address 121 Dekalb Ave. All other hospital contact for this clinician in other addresses are listed below. You can query Dr. Abajian’s personal email address from this contact.

  • 7182508240 Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc - Brooklyn, new-york at 121 Dekalb Ave

Dr. Abajian Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian provides its Diagnostic Radiology services in Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc.Other hospitals at different Places where Dr. Abajian is working with are listed here.

  • 121 Dekalb Ave Brooklyn Hospital Radiology Pc - Brooklyn, new-york

Education Profile

Dr. Aaron is specialized in Diagnostic Radiology from Other in 2017 here is educational and professional profile of Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian below.

  • Specialty Diagnostic Radiology
  • College or University: Other
  • Graduation Year: 2017

Working Hours

  • Dr. Aaron’s working hours from Monday to Friday are 8:00-5:00
  • Dr. Abajian might not be working on Saturday or Sundaay please enquire the office contact you are supposed to Visit.

Appointment Reservation

To book an appointment related to Diagnostic Radiology consultation with Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian at 121 Dekalb Ave call 7182508240

Malpractice Reported against Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian

Since Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian is highly experienced in his profession its, less likely that there are chances of Malpractice. If there is any it is listed below.

  • No Malpractice by Aaron Abajian have been yet reported related to any Diagnostic Radiology procedure

Medicare Insurance

According to Medicare data Dr. Aaron Christopher Abajian - accepts Medicare approved amounts. But you should visit the office at 121 Dekalb Ave or call the doctor to confirm if He accepts insurance as a full ammount or not.